Cisco Commands

Show Commands

# show arp	// Shows MAC address's
# show version	// Shows IOS
# show mac-address-table
# show int fa0/1	// Shows stats for that port
# show run int fa0/1 	// Shows config for that port
# sh run | begin line vty	// Shows transport input ssh telnet
# show access-lists	// Show access lists
# sh run | inc [word]	// Pipe the running config
# sh run | begin [word]	// As above
# sh cdp neighbours	// Shows conected equipment
# show policy-map	// Shows bandwidth allocation
# interface gi0/0# ip accounting ip-packets	// Sets captur for IP address on traffic
# show ip account	// show traffic IP for above

File Management

# dir (or dir flash:)	// Shows files on internal flash
# dir usbflash0: (dir usb0:)	// Shows USB files
# cd flash:	// Navigate to Internal flash
# cd usbflash0:/CISCO/IOS	// Navigating is case sensitive
# show flash:	// Shows Internal flash memory used
# show version	// Displays anmount of memory
# mkdir	// Creat a Directory
# copy <filename> flash:	// Copy file fronm USB to Internal flash

boot system flash:c1841-advsecurityk9-mz.124-15.T11.bin  -  Sets boot IOS


format flash:	// Deletes all files
delete flash:	// Deletes all files
delete [filename]
delete /recursive /force [folder] [filename]	// Force deletes all files
rename [filename] [filename]


(config)# no service config	// Suppress TFTP error messages

VTY Lines

password cisco	??
enable secret cisco	// Sets enabled password
line console 0	// Sets local console cable access
secret cisco	// Can use 'password' for plain text
line vty 0 4	// Sets telnet access
secret cisco	// Can use 'password' for plain text


username [username] priviledge 15 secret cisco	// Sets user and pword for SSH
hostname myrouter	// Sets hostname for RSA Keys
ip domain-name	// Sets domain name for RSA Keys
crypto key generate rsa general-keys modulus 1024	// Creates RSA Keys
ip ssh version 2	// Turns on SSH
transport input ssh telnet	// Sets access for both (can omit one)
login local	// Tells SSH to use local username authentication

show ip ssh	// Shows status of SSH
who	// Shows who's logged in


nterface FastEthernet0/1.100	// Sets sub interface
encapsulation dot1q 100	// Sets interface for VLAN
no int fa0/1.100	// and reload to remove interface
ip address a.b.c.d a.b.c.d (dhcp)	// Sets IP address or DHCP
duplex auto / full / half	// Sets duplex
speed auto / 10 / 100	// Sets speed

show ip interface brief	// Shows IP address information
show interface fa0/1	// Shows port stats
show run interface fa0/1	// Shows config for that port


ip dhcp pool pool1	// Creates pool1
network	// Auto selects fa0/0 with IP range
default-router	// Sets default route
dns-server	// Sets DNS server
domain-name mcarr	// Sets domain name

ip dhcp pool pool2	// Sets second pool
domain-name mcarr
!no ip dhcp pool pool2	// Removes pool

ip dhcp pool RESERVED-HOST	// set up DHCP reservation
client-identifier 0100.1e8c.bb3e.18

show ip dhcp binding	// Shows leased address's
show ip dhcp pool	// Shows the DHCP pools
show arp	// Shows learned MAC address's


ip nat inside source list 1 interface fastEthernet 0/0 overload  -  The NAT command
int fa0/0 > ip nat outside	// Sets the outside inteface
int fa0/1.1 > ip nat inside	// Sets the inside interface
int fa0/1.20 > ip nat inside	// As above

Access Lists

access-list 1 permit	// Sets the access list for NAT
access-list 1 permit	// As above

ip nat inside source static tcp 5900 interface fa0/0 5900 ↵
// Sets static NAT for incoming connection on port 5900

show ip nat translations
show access-lists  

HTTP Server

ip http server	// Allows SDM access
ip http secure-server	// as above but secure
ip authentication local


ip route fa0/0	// Sets static route
ip routing	// Turns on routing
router rip	// Enables rip routing
version 2	// Sets rip routing to version 2
network a.b.c.d	// Advertises routes for rip
router eigrp 100
no router eigrp 100

show ip route
show ip protocols


vlan 10 name SALES	// Creates VLAN
switchport mode trunk (access)	// Sets switchport mode
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,2,3	// Adds VLANS to switchport
switchport access vlan 2	// Creates vlan on the fly
ip default-gateway	// Sets global gateway address of switch
sh int fa0/2 switchport	// Shows switchport stats
sh int trunk	// Shows trunk ports
sh int status	// Shows switch overview

show vlan-switch	// overview of switch


//////////// SERVER ////////////////

username CPE password 0 MyPassword
bba-group pppoe MyGroup
virtual-template 1
sessions per-mac limit 2
interface FastEthernet0/0
no ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
pppoe enable group MyGroup
interface Virtual-Template1
ip address
peer default ip address pool MyPool
ppp authentication chap callin
ip local pool MyPool
///////////// CLIENT ///////////////
interface FastEthernet0/0
no ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
pppoe enable
pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1
interface Dialer1
mtu 1492
ip address negotiated
encapsulation ppp
dialer pool 1
ppp chap password 0 MyPassword
/////////////// debug ///////////////
# debug ppp authentication
# debug ppp negotiation

# debug pppoe events
# debug pppoe errors
# debug pppoe packet
# u all    // undebug all
# clear pppoe all
# clear int dialer 1

# show pppoe session
# show controllers vdsl 0/2/0

# controller vdsl 0


ping a.b.c.d repeat 100	// Ping with repeat
show arp vrf VRF_CE_MGMT_VPN	// For VRF's
trace a.b.c.d	// Like tracert

show file system	// Shows file system
show log
sh dsl int atm0	// ADSL